21 March 2010

The Indian Way

It is how I describe the flow every single thing follows in India. Eat, work, speak, drive, play, travel. Simply every possible action falls here in, because here everything is done as they like.

It is a way I have known and spontaneously learnt to love through interacting, living, working, playing, eating, speaking, driving (or attempting to) or traveling in Chennai, in Tamil Nadu.

Through it I have created an unbreakable bond to the country that will enable humanity to see if we succeed in our mission to save the planet or we let it fall.

By witnessing the Indian way I can not say if the goal will be achieved or not, but I am certain that the fairest the West can do is turn our heads to this amazing country and its even more amazing people, tend our hands and efforts towards them, and, with humility and open-minds, help them to understand what India knows but too slowly is getting aware of: that the future is here and now.