23 March 2010

Spime Technologies

Spime delivers software solutions through applications for mobile devices (mobile phones, netbooks) or stationary devices (laptops, PCs). The company is mostly populated by IT-Engineers with low knowledge but high awareness about user interface design. However, without a designer building bridges between both the company, the engineers, the users, and the customers, the applications are obviously incomplete. The designer has the goal of proposing solutions that interconnect the requirements of all actors and does it in the form of appealing interfaces, that should be innovative, natural and surprising.

Amazing are the liberty the designer enjoys here, the capacity to decide, and the possibility to experiment; therefore he/she bears a responsibility incomparable with other jobs rookies might get at their first attempt. It is also risky, but it shows will to innovate and differentiate.

Spime represents not only an invaluable labour experience; it is also a personal challenge that promotes cultural interaction and understanding.