23 March 2010

The Indian Way - November

Cultural Clash

With these four words I resume my first month in India.

Chennai, a very hostile city, welcomes foreigners with wonderful weather, unbearable noise, surprisingly good food, lots of garbage, and an amount of sensations mostly best resumable and addressable through pictures. However, my poor photography talent and even worst photogenic pattern force me to try it with some sort of eloquence.

Known as "Gateway to South India", Chennai is the capital of the southern state Tamil Nadu. The whole urban agglomerate bears (after knowing India better, I decided to use a friendlier verb) a population of 6,560,242 inhabitants and all the consequences of the bad side of the Indian Way, reflected in illogic infrastructural solutions and India's most inhuman side.

The awareness I have gained through my career and the importance the two cities I previously lived gave to people, display an unspeakable contrast with Chennai.