01 August 2010

Now what?

Once again I return to Vienna, after I left it needing a change, to get a glimpse of the outer world and to live what I wanted to. Since long time ago I was determined to leave this country for a while, because I knew most of the world does not work like it does here and I needed to find myself in a less "civilized" environment. Mind and soul were longing for change, and change I got. I think it has been for good, I hope time will prove I was not wrong.

Although I feel happy about being here again, and I am starting working on my dream with this wonderful partner (Talia Radford), and things are looking more promising than what I wished to myself, the feeling of selfishness and unawareness that invaded me after seeing India and the conditions people are unfairly submitted to, is present and reminding me that, although I do not feel I have a responsibility towards anyone, I do think my job, my time and even the fun I have when working on design can be dedicated to do good.

Although things might be relative (http://www.designobserver.com/changeobserver/entry.html?entry=14498), there are universal values, that I wish I could be able to materialize through what I do. I do not think humanitarian design is the solution, but its awakening and empowerment to make people aware that what they produce is not related to a profession, but to an action and thought, is invaluable if we attempt to increase the quality of life of everyone.

Humbly I want to base my concepts, and products on universal values that attempt to responsibly intercede in the material culture of everyone, empowering and awaking people to return them their life in their hands.

(Inspired by: http://www.elpais.com/especial/los-agujeros-negros-del-planeta/bangladesh.html)